Band Forms and Calendar

you can find the 20-21 Syllabus HERE

Football Form

  1. Form must be filled out and returned to Mr Bahr by 11am on Wednesday 3/17 at the latest.

    All members of the household coming to the game MUST be on the form, under the correct address (yes, I am told proof of address will be required upon entry).
  2. Split households fill out the second address. 
  3. No form on file? Then you cannot get into the game. So, this needs to be a priority, should you want to attend the 3/19 game.
  4. None of this stuff is our policy! It’s not mine, it’s not the schools, it’s not the district…we are doing all this to follow protocol from the “higher-ups.”


Thank you for being understanding of that. I know it is inconvenient, but it’s just a hoop we have to jump through!

An Evening at Club Cougar

Foothill High School’s Performing Arts Production, “An Evening at Club Cougar” is an event to raise money to support FHS music and drama departments, while educating music students in the art of performance skills.  It is a step back in time, as we recreate a pre-WWII Chicago-style jazz club; featuring authentic dress, music and decor. This evening of dining, drama and dancing to big band music is made possible by the extraordinary talents and commitment of our music and drama students, as well as their parent volunteers.

Aside from our Jazz A (the CC Orchestra), band students may audition for a vocal or dancing role, or fill out an application to serve in the busser/server crew. The 8-night, two-week long February show is held at Redding First Church of the Nazarene, 2225 Bechelli Lane. Students will need transportation to and from the church each night. 

Because we could not do this show without the support of countless volunteers, parents are required to help with a minimum of 2 volunteer shifts during the performance, as well as offer a food donation check, as we cover dinner/snacks for each student for 8 nights! Volunteer shifts include their student’s group clean-up night, as well as their choice of two additional volunteer shifts and/or closing night clean-up and tear down.

Club Cougar is the main income generator for the arts at FHS. So, even if your student is not part of the cast, you can still be involved in the show as a volunteer. Much more information about Club Cougar (including an entire CC calendar) will be coming soon. I hope many band students will join the cast this year!

Upcoming Dates

  • Mandatory Parent Meeting in the FHS student union. 
  • Cast Ticket Sales 
  • General Public Ticket Sales
  • Hair Clinic, Mandatory for actors, dancers, vocalists, Drama Room
  • Hair Clinic, Mandatory for Busser/Servers, Drama Room
  • Jan: Cast Meeting. ALL CC cast members meet the entire period in the drama room. Attendance will be taken.
  • Jan: Dance Clinic for all cast members, Student Union.
  • Jan: Busser/Server training
  • Feb: Dress Rehearsal
  • Feb: Feeder School Matinee
  • Feb: Week #1 Performance Nights
  • Feb: Week #2 Performance Nights